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                                                                                                                              BID CLOSE DATE:   12/08/2017


                                                                                   B = BANK     D = DEALER     F = FLEET     P = PUBLIC


 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         

B25632      $                 .00    2014 Ford Focus SE  4 DR Sedan, Black, 51K V#1FADP3F2XEL346981            PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.0 L,Fr end chips,Dr door chip,1/4,Rear

                                            bumper scratches,Pass 1/4 + door chips,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner,TCM Recall,

                                            KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B25656      $                 .00    2015 Chevrolet Cruze RS LT  4 DR Sedan, Black, 47K                                    PA TITLE

                                            V#1G1PE5SB7F7102416 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,1.4 L,Fr

                                             bumper deep scratches,Hood scratches dents, Dr doors scrathes,1/4 dent

                                            scratches,Rear bumper Trunk scratches,Entire pass side damaged,R+D

                                            OK,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

B25973      $                 .00    2014 Nissan Versa SV  4 DR Sedan, Black, 52K V#3N1CN7AP3EL829824        PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,1.6 L,Fr Bumper deep scratches chips,Fr end

                                            some chips,Dr doors couple scratches+1/4,Rear bumper + trunk scratch,Pass

                                            1/4 scratches+pass door,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B25986      $                 .00    2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT  4 DR Sedan, Red, 207K V#1G1AL58FX87285836     PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.2 L,Fr bumper deep scratches,Both

                                            mirrors broken,Dr door 1/4 scratches,Rear lense broke bumper torn,Trunk

                                            scratches,Pass rocker big dent doors 1/4 scratacahes,Post dent,Ball joints + or

                                            fr bushings bad Poss mtr noise,R+D OK,Windshield broke,Radio smashed,

                                            KEYS, AS IS

B26101      $                 .00    2013 Mercedes Benz C-300 4 Matic AWD  4 DR Sedan, Black, 38K                  PA TITLE

                                            V#WDDGF8AB8DR250315 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,3.5 L,Noisey Injectors,Poss Drive Train noise,Fr end a lot of

                                            chips,Dr doors scratches chips,Rear bumper scratches,Lense scratch,Pass

                                            doors scratches chips,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

P7052        $                 .00    1998 Cadillac Deville  4 DR Sedan, Red, 99K V#1G6KD54Y3WU728958          PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCASS,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,4.6 L,BAD head and or head

                                            gaskets,Gas gauge works sometimes,New stater+Rad.+ A/C Comp,Hood dings

                                            scratches,Body some dings+scratches, KEYS, AS IS




 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         


B25556      $                 .00    2011 Ford Edge Litmited AWD  4 DR SUV, White, 60K                                  PA TITLE

                                            V#2FMDK4KC4BBA84427 A,A/C,AMFMCDNAV,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,3.5 L,Fr bumper deep scratch,Rear bumper big dent scratches,Pass

                                            door dent,Door deep scratch,Hatch emblem deep scratches,Hatch

                                            scratches,Structural Damage 6-18-14 at auction,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH


B25668      $                 .00    2010 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD  4 DR SUV, White, 120K                             PA TITLE

                                            V#2CNFLCEW3A6347942 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,Poss.Motor

                                            noise,Air bag on,Exaust leak,Fr bumper paint peeling,Fr end couple chips,Both

                                            fenders little rust,All door bottoms inside some rust paint peeling,Rear

                                            bumpercut,Pass 1/4 peeling,Door dented,R+D OK, KEYS, AS IS

B25942      $                 .00    2008 Ford Edge Limited AWD  4 DR SUV, Orange, 113K                                PA TITLE

                                            V#2FMDK49C68BA95699 A,A/C,AMFMCDDVD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,3.5 L,Rear wheel bearing bad,Fr caliber bad,Fr end a lot of chips,Dr

                                            door big dent,Door scratches,1/4 rust,Rear bumper deep scratches,Hatch deep

                                            scratches clear peeling,Pass 1/4 scratches,Door couple scratches,R+D

                                            OK,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

B25958      $                 .00    2014 JEEP Patriot OSCAR MIKE AWD  4 DR SUV, Blue, 69K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#1C4NJRFB8ED620370 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr

                                            bumper torn deep scratches,Pass fender door damaged,Poss.Uni Body or Frame

                                             Damage,Gas cap bent,Rear bumper Pass 1/4 + door scratch,Accident Minor,8-

                                            16-17,Towed Fr+RS,2 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

B25994      $                 .00    2016 JEEP Renegade Latitude AWD  4 DR SUV, Orange, 12K                          PA TITLE

                                            V#ZACCJBBT3GPD21385 A,A/C,AMFMNAV,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.4L,Noisey

                                            Alt.or Pulley bearing,Clean Car Fax,Damage to rear,7-20-17, KEYS, WITH


B26030      $                 .00    2011 JEEP Compass Latitude 4x4  4 DR SUV, Silver, 106K                              PA TITLE

                                            V#1J4NF1FB7BD282002 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,PR,2.4 L,Fr bumper

                                             deep scratches,Fr end some chips,Dr fender ding,Door dent dings,Rear bumper

                                             torn,Hatch damaged,Pass door deep scratches,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS,

                                            WITH DRIVE

B26051      $                 .00    2013 JEEP Compass Latitude 4x4  4 DR SUV, Blue, 52K                                 PA TITLE

                                            V#1C4NJDEB1DD249121 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr end a

                                            lot of chips,Dr doors some chips,1/4 ding,Rear bumper nicks,Pass 1/4 + doors

                                            some scratches,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE


B26104      $                 .00    2013 Toyota Rav-4 FWD  4 DR SUV, Red, 38K V#JTMWFREV9DD018531      FL TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr bumper chips nicks,Fr end some

                                            chips,Dr door scuff mark,Rear bumper dent nicks,Pass 1/4 scratch,Clean Car

                                            Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE


D7550       $                 .00    2008 Chrysler Pacifica Touring AWD  4 DR SUV, Silver, 164K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#2A8GF68X18R607889 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,4.0

                                            L,Reman.Transfer case+Tranny,Rockers may been touched up,Fr end couple

                                            chips,Dr door 2 dings,1/4 little rust,Rear bumper scrataches cut,Pass 1/4 little

                                            rust,Door scratch, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

Light Truck

 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                          

B25462      $                 .00    2003 Chevrolet Silverado Ext Cab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Tan, 218K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#2GCEK19V231307957 A,A/C,AMFMCD,CC,Tilt,4.8 L,Exaust Leak,Check

                                            Eng Air Bag + ABS Brake light on,Both rockers rust,Dr cab door tailgate bed

                                            rust,Bench seat broke,Pwr steering or rack bad. KEYS, AS IS

B26017      $                 .00    2007 Ford F-150 XLT Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, White, 170K                       PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTPW14V87FA72208 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,5.4 L,ABS Brake

                                            on,Steering stiff,Fr bumper dent paint cracked,Both rockers some rust,Both cab

                                             corners rotted,Both bed sides rotted,Rear bumper big dent,Tailgate dent,Pass

                                            door fender chip, KEYS, AS IS

B26068      $                 .00    2013 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Platinum 4x4  4 DR Pickup, White, 115K                 PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFW1EF2DFA69772 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,5.0 L,Fr end couple chips,Dr door chips,Rear bumper chips small

                                            rust bubble,tailgate big chip,Poss. Mtr. Noise,Clean Car Fax,3 Owner,Fr 9-21-

                                            17, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26187      $                 .00    2012 Dodge 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Charcoal, 75K             PA TITLE

                                            V#1C6RD7LTXCS257564 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,5.7 L,Poss.

                                            Mtr. Noise,Dr door scuff mark,Rear bumper dent,Pass door big dent,Clean Car




P7050        $                 .00    2005 Ford F-250 XLTSD Ext Cab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Red, 101K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTSX21535EA79622 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,5.4 L,Dr rocker+

                                            cab door rust,Dr bed chips,Tailgate rust,Pass bed peeling,Clean Car Fax,2

                                            Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE