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                                                                                                                              BID CLOSE DATE:   01/12/2018


                                                                                   B = BANK     D = DEALER     F = FLEET     P = PUBLIC



 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         

B25809      $                 .00    2013 MAZDA 3  4 DR Sedan, White, 105K V#JM1BL1TG6D1842436              PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,Tilt,2.0 L,Fr bumper deep scratches,Fr end a lot of

                                            small chips,Dr door dent,Roof chips,Trunk emblem gone,Bad wheel

                                            bearing,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B25822      $                 .00    2010 Ford Fusion SE  4 DR Sedan, Red, 103K V#3FAHP0HAXAR401025         PA TITLE

                                            5sp,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,PR,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr bumper grille hood

                                            crossmember dr fender damaged,Poss Frame Damage,R+D OK,Rear bumper

                                            torn,Dr door lock broke, KEYS, AS IS

B25834      $                 .00    2016 Kia Forte  4 DR Sedan, Black, 28K V#KNAFX4A64G5584087                  PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,1.8 L,Fr+Rear bumper deep scratches,Fr end

                                            some chips,Dr door scratches,1/4 scratches,Pass door ding,Trunk

                                            scratches,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B25845      $                 .00    2014 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 T  4 DR Sedan, Black, 58K V#5NPEC4AB8EH879309 PA TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,PR,CC,Tilt,Fr end some chips,Dr fender

                                            dent,Door+1/4 long deep scratch,Rear bumper trunk scratches,Clean Car Fax,2

                                            Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26188      $                 .00    2014 Ford Focus SE  4 DR Sedan, White, 117K V#1FADP3F29EL282402          PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.0 L,Fr bumper deep scratches,Hood

                                            chip,Pass fender+doors+dr 1/4 damaged,Pass 1/4 ding,Check eng on,R+D OK,

                                            KEYS, AS IS

B26243      $                 .00    2010 Ford Fusion SE  4 DR Sedan, Tan, 100K V#3FAHP0HA4AR187018          PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr end chips,Dr fender dent,Rocker

                                            rust,Rear bumper torn,Pass door chip,Windshield broke,Needs rear brakes,R+D

                                             OK, KEYS, AS IS

B26256      $                 .00    2013 Dodge Avenger SXT  4 DR Sedan, Gray, 43K V#1C3CDZCBXDN606874  PA TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr bumper scratches,Dr door

                                            dents,Handle chips,Rear bumper deep scratches,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS,

                                             WITH DRIVE

B26261      $                 .00    2012 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ  4 DR Sedan, Black, 58K V#1G1ZG5E7XCF248594 PA TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS Lthr Int,PR,CC,Tilt,3.6 L,Fr end chips,Pass door

                                            ding scratches,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26272      $                 .00    2010 Honda Accord EX  2 DR Sedan, Blue, 122K V#1HGCS1B78AA009825      PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr end some chips,Dr door

                                            dent,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26329      $                 .00    2015 Ford Fusion S  4 DR Sedan, Red, 43K V#1FA6P0G77F5115673                PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Roof ding,Pass door chip,Clean Car

                                            Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE


B26347      $                 .00    2013 Nissan Altima S  4 DR Sedan, Blue, 59K V#1N4AL3AP3DC296733           PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr bumper peeling,Fr end chips,Rear

                                             bumper scratches,Roof dents,Prior Accident Minor,4-14-14,LR,2 Owner,

                                            KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26358      $                 .00    2011 Suzuki Kizashi S AWD  4 DR Sedan, Gray, 55K V#JS2RF9A16B6110400 PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr end a lot of chips,Dr 1/4 chips,Trunk

                                             scratches,Pass 1/4 door fender dents deep scratches,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner,

                                            KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26367      $                 .00    2015 Toyota Corolla LE  4 DR Sedan, Green, 38K V#2T1BURHE0FC340488     PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,1.8 L,Rear bumper pass 1/4 door

                                            scratches,Prior Accident 6-19-17,Fr. Disabled towed,ONE OWNER, KEYS,

                                            WITH DRIVE

B26428      $                 .00    2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS  2 DR Coupe, Black, 28K V#2G1FT1EW0E9164584 PA TITLE

                                             6sp,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,6.2 L,Hood bumper small

                                            scratch,Clean Car Fax, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26445      $                 .00    2017 Ford Focus SE  4 DR Sedan, Blue, 55K V#1FAHP3K2XCL397384            PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.0 L,Fr bumper torn,Pass fender out of

                                            line,Poss.Frame Damage,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26464      $                 .00    2012 Ford Fusion SEL  4 DR Sedan, White, 101K V#3FAHP0JA6CR106145       PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,PR,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr bumper torn,Pass

                                            fender doors 1/4 + Dr 1/4 damaged,Rear bumper paint cracked,Dr door lock

                                            broke,R+D OK, KEYS, AS IS

B26477      $                 .00    2016 Chevrolet Spark LT  4 DR Sedan, Silver, 13K V#KL8CD6SAXGC577842   PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFM,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,1.4 L,Fr bumper some chips,Dr door ding,Rear

                                            bumper dent torn,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26600      $                 .00    2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx LS V-6  4 DR Sedan, Silver, 148K                       FL TITLE

                                            V#1G1ZT62845F293404 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,3.5 L,Dr headlamp

                                            broke,Hood scratches dented,Dr door handle gone scratches,Rear bumper

                                            damaged,Pwr steering + Ing switch going bad, KEYS, AS IS


 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         

B26437      $                 .00    2014 Kia Sedona  5 DR, Silver, 48K V#KNDMG4C70E6545469                       PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,6 CYL,1 seat missing,Check eng on,Fr

                                            bumper torn,Hood dent,Dr fender door 1/4 rear bumper both lenses pass 1/4

                                            door damaged,Mirror+Windshield broke, KEYS, AS IS

B26480      $                 .00    2014 Chrysler Town & Country Stow N Go  5 DR, Tan, 71K                             PA TITLE

                                            V#2C4RC1BG0ER125530 A,A/C,AMFMCDDVD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,3.6 L,Fr+Rear bumper deep scratches,Hood big dent,Dr door+1/4

                                            ding scratches,Both lenses broke,Entire pass side scratches fender+roof post

                                            dents,R+D OK, KEYS, AS IS


 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION    

B25868      $                 .00    2013 Hyundai Tucsun FWD  4 DR SUV, Black, 47K V#KM8JT3AB8DU705510 PA TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,Tilt,2.0 L,Hood chips,Dr doors 1/4 deep

                                            scratches,1/4 dent,Pass door deep scratch big dent,Clean Car Fax,ONE

                                            OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE    



B26186      $                 .00    2014 JEEP Patriot 4x4  4 DR SUV, Red, 66K V#1C4NJRBB1ED522996            PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr bumper big dent,Dr 1/4 deep

                                            scratch,Pass 1/4 doors deep scratches,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner,, AS IS

B26205      $                 .00    2010 Dodge Nitro 4x4  4 DR SUV, Silver, 126K V#1D4PU2GK2AW120549       PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,3.7 L,Needs Mtr.Anti-freeze Issue,New

                                            Starter,Fr bumper damaged,Dr 1/4 big dent,Rear bumper cut,Pass 1/4 moulding

                                             scratches, KEYS, AS IS

B26230      $                 .00    2007 JEEP Liberty 4x4  4 DR SUV, Blue, 129K V#1J4GL48K97W645282          PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,3.7 L,Dr turn lense broke,Rocker

                                            moulding screwed on,Dr door rust,Ing. Switch hanging out, KEYS, AS IS

B26410      $                 .00    2016 Ford Edge SEL AWD  4 DR SUV, Black, 16K V#2FMPK4J90GBC55832   PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCDNAV,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,2.0 L,Clean Car Fax,ONE

                                            OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26423      $                 .00    2017 JEEP Patriot FWD  4 DR SUV, Silver, 1K V#1C4NJPBA6HD209216         PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH


B26449      $                 .00    2015 Ford Escape SE AWD  4 DR SUV, Gray, 70K V#1FMCU9GXXFUB17557 PA TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,PR,CC,Tilt,1.6 L,Dr door deep scratch,Clean Car

                                            Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26456      $                 .00    2015 JEEP Wrangler Sport Unlimited Hard Top 4x4  4 DR SUV, Yellow, 28K     PA TITLE

                                            V#1C4BJWDG9FL609661 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,3.6 L,Clean Car

                                            Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

Light Truck

 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         

B24458      $                 .00    2013 Ford F-150 XLT Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Red, 58K                           PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFW1EF1DKD21826 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,5.0 L,Fr end

                                            some chips,Dr+Pass bed couple scratches,Pass door+Fender gray

                                            paint,Windshield chips,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B25462      $                 .00    2003 Chevrolet Silverado Ext Cab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Tan, 218K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#2GCEK19V231307957 A,A/C,AMFMCD,CC,Tilt,4.8 L,Exaust Leak,Check

                                            Eng Air Bag + ABS Brake light on,Both rockers rust,Dr cab door tailgate bed

                                            rust,Bench seat broke,Pwr steering or rack bad. KEYS, AS IS

B26229      $                 .00    2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z-71 LTZ Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, White,     PA TITLE

                                            74K V#3GCUKSEC5EG194618 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,5.3 L,Dr bed couple scratches,Tailgate dent,Rear bumper bent,Clean

                                             Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE


B26366      $                 .00    2011 Ford F-150 XLT 8 FT BED 4x2  2 DR Pickup, Gray, 119K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTMF1CM1BKD78355 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,3.7 L,Fr bumper

                                            dented piece gone,Rear window in cab gone,Rearview gone,Exaust leak,Dr door

                                             bed dents rear corner damaged+tailgate,Pass bed dents door damaged,R+D OK,

                                             KEYS, AS IS

B26386      $                 .00    2016 Ford F-150 XLT FX-4 Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Charcoal, 15K            PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTEW1EF8GFD37935 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,5.0 L,Pass

                                            fender dent,Moulding scuffed,Dr door scratches,Pass mirror cover gone,Clean

                                            Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B26399      $                 .00    2013 Dodge Ram1500 ST  8 FT BED 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Silver, 24K                  PA TITLE

                                            V#3C6JR7DP1DG577414 A,A/C,AMFM,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,4.7 L,Fr end some

                                            chips,Pass fender scratches,Clean Car Fax,3 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

F6810        $                 .00    1992 International 24 FT Box W/Lift Gate  2 DR Pickup, White, 265K                PA TITLE

                                            V#1HTSCPLMONH434874 5sp,Lift Gate + Fuel gauge not working,Hood big

                                            cracks,Paint faded,No dash lights,Dr fuel tank leaks,R+D OK, KEYS, AS IS