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                                                                Phone 814-946-1478     Fax 814-946-1479


                                                                                                                              BID CLOSE DATE:   05/12/2017


                                                                                   B = BANK     D = DEALER     F = FLEET     P = PUBLIC




STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         

B23706      $                 .00    2013 Ford Fusion SE Energi Hybrid  4 DR Sedan, Marone, 46K                         PA TITLE

                                            V#3FA6POPU5DR285286 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,2.0

                                             L,Trunk scratch,Fr end some chips,Clean Car Fax,3 Owner, KEYS, WITH


B24204      $                 .00    2014 Subaru Forester AWD  4 DR Sedan, Silver, 32K V#JF2SJAAC9EH457923  PA TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Rear bumper deep nicks,Pass fender

                                            small scratch,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24236      $                 .00    2014 Ford Fusion SE  4 DR Sedan, White, 59K V#1FA6POH77E5373513           PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr bumper torn,Dr headlamp

                                            broke,Both mirrors broke,Dr door scratches,Rear bumper deep scratches,R+D

                                            OK,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

B24243      $                 .00    2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LS  4 DR Sedan, Blue, 61K V#1G1AK58F387161989      PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,2.2 L,Fr bumper scratches Dr door dings scratches,Rear

                                            bumper scratches,Roof dings,Fr bushings bad,Minor damage2-7-17,Fr

                                            Impact,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24381      $                 .00    2010 Chevrolet Malibu LT  4 DR Sedan, Silver, 51K V#1G1ZC5EB8AF208141   PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Fr + Rear bumper deep

                                            scratches,Grille craked,Dr door dings,Pass doors deep scratch,Pass fender

                                            dent,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24440      $                 .00    2013 Ford Fusion SE  4 DR Sedan, White, 49K V#3FA6P0H78DR199334          PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,CC,Tilt,2.5 L,Fr + Rear bumper nicks,Clean

                                            Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

D7494       $                 .00    2000 Ford Taurus SES  4 DR Sedan, Blue, 169K V#1FAFP5526YA222499         PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCASS,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,PS,3.0 L,Check eng on,Hood big chips

                                            dent, Both 1/4's rust,Rear bumper dent,Trunk dent big chip,Dr door dings,R+D

                                            OK,Clean Car Fax,4 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

D7524       $                 .00    2014 Ford Focus SE  4 DR Sedan, Red, 9K V#1FADP3K22EL322793                PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.0 L,Prior Accident,11-3-14,Fr Lf

                                            Impact,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

D7528       $                 .00    2012 Chevrolet Cruze LS  4 DR Sedan, Blue, 23K V#1G1PC5SH3C7183534      PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,1.8 L,Fr bumper deep scuff marks,Dr side

                                            chips,Rear bumper nicks,Pass 1/4 ding,Pass side chips,Clean Car Fax,4 Owner,

                                             KEYS, WITH DRIVE

D7530       $                 .00    2007 Lincoln MKZ AWD  4 DR Sedan, Cream, 134K V#3LNHM28T47R615478 MD TITLE

                                             A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,3.5 L,Exaust leak or little

                                            motor noise,Dr door wont open from inside,Fr bumper nicks,Chrome on doors

                                            faded,Dr door ding,Rear bumper scratches,Pass door ding,Rims chewed up,2

                                            wood panels int.cracked,Prior Accident,10-22-14,Rear, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

D7532       $                 .00    2010 Kia Forte EX  4 DR Sedan, Burgandy, 145K V#KNAFU4A27A5882291     MD TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,2.0 L,Air Bag On,Fr bumper dent big

                                            chips,Hood deep scratches,Roof deep scratches big crack from repair,Dr

                                            door+1/4 ding,Rear bumper scratches,Trunk dings,Pass 1/4 scratch,Door dent

                                            scratches+dings,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE


 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                          

B24347      $                 .00    2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Stow N Go  5 DR, Silver, 135K                      PA TITLE

                                            V#2D4RN5D12AR496924 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,3rd row,3.8

                                            L,Fr bumper a lot of chips,Dr fender big chip w/rust,1/4 dent,Rear bumper deep

                                             scratches,Hatch scratches,Pass 1/4 door lot of scratches,Door molding

                                            peeling,Fender dent,Windshield broke,R+D OK,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS,

                                            AS IS

B24358      $                 .00    2012 Dodge Grand Caravan Stow N Go Crew  5 DR, Dk.Green, 183K                PA TITLE

                                            V#2C4RDGDG3CR224689 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,3rd row,3.6

                                            L,Fr bumper scratches,Fr end some chips,Dr sliding door dents,1/4

                                            scratches,Rear bumper dent torn,R+D OK,Clean Car Fax,2 Owner, KEYS, AS IS


 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                          

B24211      $                 .00    2010 Ford Escape Limited AWD  4 DR SUV, Gray, 91K                                  PA TITLE

                                            V#1FMCU9EG9AKA45113 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,3.0 L,Water pump noise going bad,Fr bumper big dent torn,Hood

                                            dents,Pass fender dent,Doors scratches,1/4 peeling ding,Rear bumper deep

                                            scratches,Hatch little rust,Dr doors 1/4 scratches,Clean Car Fax,4 Owner,

                                            KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24279      $                 .00    2012 JEEP Compass 4x4  4 DR SUV, Silver, 95K V#1C4NJDEB0CD676286      PA TITLE

                                            A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,CC,Tilt,2.4 L,Dr seat belt light on,Tire noise or

                                            bad wheel bearing,Hood pass fender roof post 1/4 Damaged,Rear bumper

                                            scratches,Dr door + 1/4 deep scratch,Roof big dent,R+D OK,Minor Accident,3-

                                            16-16,RS Impact,2 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

D7520       $                 .00    2004 JEEP Grand Cherokee Sp. Ed. 4x4  4 DR SUV, Red, 96K                          PA TITLE

                                            V#1J4GW48S84C270747 A,A/C,AMFMCDCASS,PL,PW,PS,Lthr

                                            Int,CC,Tilt,4.0 L,ACTUAL MILAGE BUT WRONG ON TITLE WILL BE

                                            EXEMPT,DR PWR switch not working,Dr fender rust bubble,Dr running board

                                             gone,Rocker dent,Some scratches,Pass some chips,Rear bumper nicks,Minor

                                            Accident,11-6-11,RF,2 OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE


Light Truck

 STOCK NO            BID                       DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                         

B24016      $                 .00    2014 Ford F-150 SXT Ext Cab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Blue, 14K                             PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFX1EF6EFC06582 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,5.0 L,Fr bumper

                                            deep scratches,Rear bumper dent,Pass fender doors cab damaged,Clean Car

                                            Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24265      $                 .00    2015 Ford F-150 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Gray, 9K                          PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFW1EG6FFC37036 A,A/C,AMFMCDNAV,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,3.5 L,Pass

                                            door dings scratch a chip,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24394      $                 .00    2009 Dodge 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Red, 114K                  PA TITLE

                                            V#1D3HV13T69S749829 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,5.7 L,Fr bumper

                                             dent,Dr mirror broke door scratches,Bed dents,Tailgate dent,Both rockers

                                            some rust,Pass fender doors long deep scratches,Dr door dent,Little motor

                                            noise,R+D OK,4x4 not working,Air Bag On,Clean Car Fax,2 OWNER, KEYS,

                                            AS IS

B24429      $                 .00    2013 Ford F-150 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Brown, 66K                      PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFW1ET3DKF58078 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,3.5

                                            L,Fr end chips,Dr side some chips,Tailgate deep scratches,Pass side some

                                            chips,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24484      $                 .00    2006 Toyota Tacoma Ext Cab SR-5 V-6 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Blue, 88K                PA TITLE

                                            V#5TBUU42N86Z254246 6sp,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,Tilt,CC,4.0 L,Fr bumper

                                            dent,Fr end chips,Dr side some scratches chips,Bed dent,Pass side some

                                            scratches,Cab door dent,Pwr Steering or Rack Bad,Clean Car Fax,2 OWNER,

                                            KEYS, WITH DRIVE

B24490      $                 .00    2004 Ford F-150 FX-4 Crewcab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Silver, 127K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTPW14564KB92401 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,5.4

                                            L,Hole in Transfer Case,Eng.miss,Little motor noise,Brake light on,Exaust

                                            leak,Fr end chips,Both Cab Corners Rotted,Bed rust,Rear bumper rust,Pass

                                            door scratches,R+D OK,Clean Car Fax,5 Owner, KEYS, AS IS

D7516       $                 .00    2016 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Pro-4 X 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Black, 10K               PA TITLE

                                            V#1N6AD0EV3GN707066 A,A/C,AMFMCDNAV,PL,PW,PR,PS,CC,Tilt,4.0

                                            L,Fr end some chips,Clean Car Fax, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

D7518       $                 .00    2014 Ford F-150 STX Crew Cab 4x4  4 DR Pickup, Red, 72K                           PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFW1EFXEKD43468 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,5.0 L,Fr end

                                            some chips,Dr side some chips,Pass door ding,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER,

                                            KEYS, WITH DRIVE



D7522       $                 .00    2014 Ford F-150 Lariat Supercab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Black, 27K                        PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTFX1ET1EFD06370 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PR,PS,Lthr Int,CC,Tilt,3.5

                                             L,Clean Car Fax,ONE OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

D7526       $                 .00    2012 Chevrolet Silverado LT Z-71 Ext Cab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Brown, 87K         PA TITLE

                                            V#1GCRKSE75CZ211181 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,PS,CC,Tilt,5.3 L,Clean Car

                                             Fax,2 OWNER, KEYS, WITH DRIVE

P7042        $                 .00    2005 Ford F-250 XLTSD FX-4 Supercab 4x4  2 DR Pickup, Blue, 143K             PA TITLE

                                            V#1FTSX21545ED32981 A,A/C,AMFMCD,PL,PW,CC,Tilt,5.4 L,Exaust

                                            Manifold Leak,Fr bumper big dent,Dr side scratches doors+bed rust,Rear

                                            bumer bent,Tailgate scratches,Pass bed+doors rust,Pass side scratches,R+D

                                            OK,Clean Car Fax,4 Owner, KEYS, AS IS